La Traque du vol Rio-Paris

Synopsis :

June 1st, 2009. Air France Flight 447, on its way from Rio to Paris, disappears in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere between South America and Africa. What happened? Are there any survivors? Where is the plane’s wreckage? Answers to these questions are urgently sought by loved ones, the aviation industry and the world. In the wake of the plane’s disappearance, a massive air and sea search is launched.

The search will last more than two years.

Led by the French Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety, this first-of-its-kind air crash investigation was filmed from beginning to end. Through this exclusive archival footage and the testimonies of the investigation’s actors, this film narrates – for the first time – the five search campaigns designed to retrieve the plane’s wreckage, including its blackboxes, the essential key to understand the causes of the accident.



Directed by : Simon Kessler

Written by : Simon Kessler & Fabrice Gardel

Editor : Malika Papillon

DOP : Raphaël Pannier

Producer : Galaxie/Planète+/ECPAD

International Sales : Lagardère Studios Distribution